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  Engious LTD. was founded in 2013. The manufacturing was started in the mid of 2014 focusing on high precision miniature mould inserts for industrial connectors. Today we are able to produce extremely complicated inserts with short delivery time. Since the beginning of mould insert manufacturing to the present day (delivered more than 240 inserts) […]


Mold insert manufacturing Mold repair, optimization Precision mechanics design and manufacturing Vacuum compatible laser, TIG welding Prototype production Series production up to 2000 pieces Design and manufacturing of JIGs and dedicated machines


Wire edm machining                               3600 hours/year Sinker edm machining                           3000 hours/year Surface grinding                               […]


High precision machining center 1000x500x500mm Maximum weight: 0.8Ton Machining tolerance (+/-0.005) •Wire EDM 800x600x220mm Maximum weight: 1.5Ton Machining tolerance(+/-0.003) •Robotised sinker EDM 400x300x300mm Maximum weight: 0.5Ton Machining tolerance(+/-0.005) •NC Surface Grinder 400x150x450mm Maximum weight: 0.05 Ton Machining tolerance (+/-0.002)   New machines in 2016 High precision machining center (2x)1000x500x450mm Maximum weight: 1Ton Machining tolerance (+/-0.005) Machining […]